Pre-University courses

University Foundation Course Overview

A one-year programme designed for international students looking for UK university entry. Designed for motivated students looking for a supported and focused bridge programme from international high school to UK universities.

Depending on university and career aspirations, we work with all of our students to help them choose the most suitable combination of subjects to study for University Foundation.

Key features:

  • One year of full-time study
  • Three subjects are usually studied plus English language
  • Progression to university on successful completion of the programme

Quick facts:

Age: 16 ½ +

Entry requirements: A good secondary or high school level of education

English language level: IELTS 4.5+

Start dates: September and January

Course length: 3 terms (Fast-track, 2-term option available in London)

Average class size: 10

Hours per week: 20+

Pre: Programme Course Overview

A flexible programme of study designed to prepare students to study A level, International Baccalaureate or University Foundation, with the option of GCSE or IGCSE if required.

Key features:

  • Progress to  A level, International Baccalaureate or a University Foundation Programme upon successful completion
  • Options to study over one, two or three terms
  • Includes one-to-one coaching on future study pathways
  • Includes compulsory sports, activities and personal development
  • Includes supervissed homework times
  • Students study a minimum of seven academic subjects including Maths, English and Science

Ideal for:

Age: 15+

Entry requirements: 8 or 9 years of schooling completed with a good school report

English language level: IELTS 4.0+ (3 terms)

Start dates: September, January, April or July

Course length: 3, 2 or 1 term(s)

Average class size: 10

Hours per week: 30+

High School Term Course Overview

Designed to give international students an insight into British education and culture. Students follow individualised study programmes to improve their language and follow a range of subjects which offer credit for their studies in their home country.

Key features:

  • Improves English language skills
  • Broadens students' horizons by studying with peers from over 70 countries
  • Earns study credits in students' home country
  • Full-time intensive course
  • Individualised study programmes tailored from a wide range of subject options

Quick facts:

Age: 15+

Entry requirements: A good school report

English language level: IELTS 4.0+

Start dates: September, January

Course length: 1, 2 or 3 term(s)

A levels Course Overview

The classic route to university in the UK, and recognised by many of the best universities around the world. It is designed for confident students who aspire to the most competitive degree courses at UK universities and beyond.

Usually studied over two years in the UK. We teach A level at all of our UK campuses, offering students the opportunity to choose from a wide range of subjects.

Key features:

  • Focused study of three or four subjects in year one, and three subjects in year two
  • The traditional UK qualification offering access to the widest choice of universities

Quick facts:

Age: 15 ½ +

Entry requirements: A secondary or high school level of education and a good school report

English language level: IELTS 5.0+

Start dates: 6 term: September and January | 5 term: January

Average class size: 7

Hours per week: 25+