We offer a wide range of engaging and exciting extra-curricular activities to enable our students to develop interests beyond the classroom.

CATS Clubs are run with students' needs and aspirations in mind, and vary from leadership awards to Olympiad challenges, from the debating society to special cultural evenings from around the globe. Our sports programme keeps students active and healthy, whilst enhancing their social and team building skills, leading to recognition and awards.

The Student Council is chosen by our students, encouraging everyone to have a voice. Suggestion boxes encourage new idea for future events. Our Activities Team works to develop and run events throughout the year.

Activities and clubs are a fundamental part of the CATS experience. Dedicated staff encourage all our students to explore their abilities and gain vital communication and presentation skills - learning the value of team work, community and commitment. The range of events and activities on offer enables students to discover their talents, ignite new passions and enhance skills.

At CATS we offer opportunities of a lifetime - from Maths Challenges held at the University of Cambridge to Duke of Edinburgh's Awards.

Universities today are looking for well-rounded individuals with a passion for their subject alongside a wide range of social interests. CATS Clubs build on existing skills as well as nurturing new interests.